Baby Mozart is so much fun. My daughter started only a couple of months ago, when she was six months old. She couldn't even sit up on her own yet. Now not only is she sitting on her own she is bopping to the beat and becoming very confident with the variety of instruments available in class, although the maracas are her favourite. It runs for 30 minutes but is packed full of songs which are easy to learn to sing along to. One of the best development tools available for all age ranges.
Vanessa McNeil, cited on North Shore Mums Directory
I'm glad to have found such a good music class in the area. We used to go to a music class where pre-recorded music is used which we can do at home. I really like the live music so my daughter gets to see how the piano and guitar are played. Both of us enjoyed the class.
Erica, Baulkham Hills
Most impressed with the range of instruments used in class! I love that my child got to learn the beat and pitch from such a young age. Also like the smaller size of the group so my child doesn't get too distracted.
Emma A, Frenchs Forrest
I was quite impressed that my 18 month old boy got to see and touch different instruments - guitar, keyboard in the class. He even initiated to play a beat on the drum. I thought it's just going to be CD playing. Really glad to have found such a good program for my child. Highly recommend it to any parents who plan to let their children learn music.
Patricia S, Marsfield
I was delighted to see a live music class for little kids. We've been to various music classes for kids but they only played CD. I really like that my child can see instruments being played in class! My 2 year old had fun touching the digital piano and drum.
Michelle D, Kellyville